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2017/05/23/Lectures for AIDS Prevention at "POLA TALKER'S TABLE"

We participated in a talk event of "POLA TALKER'S TABLE" and held a lecture for AIDS prevention with a theme of "Education is the best way to prevent diseases." at Mercedes-Benz Connection in Tokyo on April 30, 2017.  


20170430_TALKERS.TABLE_2.jpg  20170430_TALKERS.TABLE_3.jpg

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"POLA TALKER'S TABLE" was an event organized to provide people who have socially significant messages a place to transmit their messages. Mr. Hayashi, president of World Foundation of Aids Research and Prevention, was requested to make a lecture by the event organizer. 

It was held in a dome space filled with greenery. After talking about AIDS like our usual lectures at school, we asked each of about 30 participants to speak their opinions with a microphone.  We had an impression that all the participants are interested in the issue for their own sake and enthusiastic about exchanging their opinions about the problems. Most of them seemed to understand the AIDS issue from the point of preventive medicine. 

----- Some of the feedback we got -----

・I thought AIDS was a thing of the past, but today understood that it is still a disease that exists around us by receiving a lecture and getting to know the current situation with concrete figure. 
・I would like to watch out not to get infected by HIV myself.
・I would like to protect myself as well as my family such as my children by talking about this disease. 

You can have a look at the official website of POLA TALKER'S TABLE at the following address.


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