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Outline of the Foundation

World Foundation Aids Research and Prevention

Foundation 1993
Founders Prof. Luc MONTAGNIER
Federico Mayor, ex-Director General of UNESCO
Purpose Establishment of a worldwide network for global Aids research and prevention
Headquarter UNESCO in Paris
Activities ・Improvement of medical infrastructure in cooperation with WHO
・Development of vaccine for treatment and prevention at the Abidhan Aids Research Center
・Establishment of second and third centers in Cameroon and Revere
・strengthening of activities for HIV prevention
・In December 2021, the headquarter stopped its operation because it, since it became difficult for the president to perform his duties because of his age.
・The Abidjan Aids Research Center in Ivory Coast and WFARP Japan Office are still in operation.

WFARP Japan Office (founded in 1998)

WFARP Japan Office

WFARP Japan Office was founded in Ono-town, Ibi-county, Gifu,JAPAN in 1998 in response to Prof. Montagnier's strong wish to establish a base center for Aids prevention activity in Asia.
On 7th of November, 1998, opening ceremony was held at the Osato Research Institute (Ono-twon, Gifu) inviting many cosmopolitan guests including Prof. Luc Montagnier, French Ambassador, officials from UNESCO in Paris, and academic researchers.

Beautiful concert was held by Mr. Hirofumi Kanno (Cello) and Ms. Yoko Tokue (Piano), and at the speech of this opening ceremony Prof. Luc Montagnier, HIV discoverer, said:"In Japan AIDS is not so common disease yet, however, it has become a serious issue in many south-east Asian countries such as Thai, China and India.Japanese people have to do something for many people in south-east Asia who suffer from HIV infection and cannot receive treatment because of poverty.The one way to do is supporting Aids Research. We can establish less expensive treatment and drugs by these researches.Moreover, we need to develop vaccines for AIDS prevention.I believe that we can advance Aids Research by establishing worldwide network in every fields of AIDS researches. Besides, by advancing Aids Research we shall have high potentials to discover new treatments for cancers, chronic diseases and immunodeficiency disorder as well. I would like you to take this opportunity to think more about AIDS."

It is one of important aims to transmit his passion to people in Japan.

We have been working to help prevent AIDS by visiting local schools to talk with children and by giving lectures to parents and teachers based on the idea that "The best vaccine for AIDS is education."
We go anywhere if requested so.
In addition, we invited our president, Prof. Luc Montagnier, and organize discussion with children to study about AIDS with him and we also have engaged in artistic activities such as organizing several charity concerts, a unique approach to educational activities combining music and AIDS education.

Message from President of WFARP

President of World Foundation Aids Research and Prevention


Our foundation was created at UNESCO where they work especially to support HIV/AIDS patients in developing countries. The Japan office of our foundation is very active in the education of preventing HIV infection for which we certainly hope we can contribute to their efforts.


HIV discoverer
Member of French Medical Academy
Division Chief of French Chemical Research Center
Professor of Institut Pasteur(~1997)
Professor and Division Chief of Molecular Biology Center of New York Queen's College(~2001)
President of World Foundation Aids Research and Prevention (1993~2021)


CNRS Silver Medalist
Rosen Prize Recipient
Legion d'honneur Recipient
Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

Secretary General, Japan Office
Yukiyasu Hayashi

Secretary General, Japan Office Yukiyasu Hayashi

According to an announcement from Japan's Ministry of Health, Welfare & Labor, 750 new HIV infections and 345 new AIDS patients among Japanese were reported in 2020. The cumulative number exceeded 32,000. Japan is still the country where the number of HIV carriers and AIDS patients continues to increase every year, although other major industrial countries are on a declining trend.
The best vaccine to protect ourselves from HIV is preventive education. Children are national treasures, but nowadays about 160 thousand young children under 15 years old get infected by HIV in 2020 according to the report of UNAIDS. Therefore, I would continue to making efforts for HIV preventive education according to the wish of Prof. Montagnier.

Yukiyasu Hayashi
Secretary General, Japan Office
World Foundation of AIDS Research & Prevention

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